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Investment Banking

2014 Priorities

The worsening macroeconomic climate and highly turbulent markets during 2014 uncovered new challenges for the Group in managing the risks inherent in financial instruments (market, credit, and liquidity risks). The Group primarily focused on expanding secured transactions associated with lower credit risk. In line with this strategy, the Group significantly increased the volume of REPO transactions and swaps. Secondly, the Group prioritised managing securities portfolio risks, paying close attention to liquidity and credit quality.

These measures helped the Group mitigate possible losses on financial instruments.

Another priority was boosting the efficiency of the internal processes the Group implements to operate in financial markets. The Group optimised access to financial markets and financial instruments for the clients.

During 2014, Otkritie FC Bank organised 64 issues of rouble-denominated bonds of 27 Russian corporations and financial institutions for a total amount in excess of RUB 316 billion. In 2014, Otkritie FC Bank debuted as the arranger of its clients’ mortgage- backed bond issues with a total volume of RUB 15.5 billion.